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New model 5 colours poster

With increasing demands and requests from customers, we are excited to announce the arrival of Wilens coloured contact lenses into our exquisite collection. These lenses are nothing like the ordinary coloured contact lenses that you see on the market in that they are made with Hioxifilcon – a special type of Silicon Hydrogel. What this means to the wearers is:

  • highest breathability
  • highest transmissibility of oxygen into the eyes
  • highest oxygen and water retention ability
  • negligible moisture loss
  • perfect wettability

About Wilens

WILENS Ltd was founded by Professor Otto Wichterle, the father of soft contact lenses, who is also one of the world’s leading scientists and one of the most important figures in the field of Science in the 20th century. In 1960, he invented the first soft contact lenses using HEMA material and this marked the birth of the new era of contact lens development.

WILENS Ltd. was started in 1991 in Czechoslovakia. In 1992, WILENS Ltd. became the successor of the state owned company OKULA that had been manufacturing contact lenses since 1980. WILENS Ltd took over the manufacturing facilities of contact lens production from OKULA. The technology that was adopted by WILENS Ltd. to produce their soft contact lenses is called vertical spin-casting. This process, also developed by Professor Otto Wichterle, is a very complex and sophisticated productive method to effectively produce a wide range of top quality soft contact lenses with possibly the smoothest finish on the surface and edges of the lenses. Only a few contact lens manufacturing companies are capable of operating this difficult technology. WILENS Ltd.’s very own research and development department focuses and continue to focus on developing the spin-casting manufacturing system and producing new contact lens materials to now successfully producing flexible acrylic intra-ocular lenses and becoming the world’s leading contact lens manufacturer.

1961 Professor Otto Wichterle produced the first soft contact lenses and created a new era of contact lens development.
1980 The use of the highly productive “spin casting” manufacturing method was used by the company, OKULA in their soft contact lenses production.
1991 WILENS Ltd. was established.
1992 WILENS Ltd. became the successor of Czech state-run enterprise OKULA and their contact lenses production facilities.
2000 WILENS Ltd. was awarded ISO 9001 and 46000 certification by Great Britain SGS certification authority.
2012 WILENS Ltd. in Taiwan was established as WILENS’ branch office and is responsible for all their contact lenses-related affairs and other relevant products in Asia.

Wilens is available in dailies and monthlies and can be ordered from our shopping page.


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