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We offer a premium eye care facility with leading edge vision care, exclusive eyewear, extensively comprehensive eye care services and a very personalized customer service experience. Very few optometry practices in New Zealand offer the diversity of services we have available while making you feel comfortable and relaxed while you are in our practice.

The diversity of our services includes:

  • State of the art  instruments to detect subtle eye health problems years in advance
  • Impressive eyewear: exclusive boutique frames to performance sunwear
  • The Vision Therapy learning centre to address those clients with visual learning problems
  • The Irlen screening centre to detect those with visual processing problems that cannot be solved by simple eyewear
  • The vision centre for those entering the field of aviation
  • New contact lenses for those who are entering the early phase of presbyopia and those bifocal and progressive wearers
  • Eschenbach Low vision devices for the partially blind
  • Dry eye and red eye centre of excellence
  • Nutritional counseling

One of the limited practices in Newmarket offering:

  • Posterior Imaging Exam with one of the best camera systems on the market which provides a high resolution view of the retina through an undilated pupil and helps detect even the most subtle changes due to Glaucoma, Macular degeneration, high blood pressure, diabetes and more.
  • Eye patches for eye turns, crossed eyes and lazy eye
  • Julbo sunglasses and Truframe for babies, toddlers and young kids
  • Holistic treatments for eyes and visual wellness
  • Atropine therapy for myopia control
  • Unique frame lines such as Furla, Lightec, Airlight, and Alter Ego
  • MyoVision Lenses for myopia control by Zeiss
  • Bausch and Lomb’s BioTrue lenses for those wanting superior comfort and breathability while wearing contact lenses

We are proud to be the first optometry practice in Newmarket to offer:

  • Therapeutic exam for those requiring prescription medicines to treat eye infections
  • CAA exam for those entering the field of aviation

The only practice in Newmarket offering:

  • Anterior Imaging Exam which detects subtle problems to the front and middle part of the eye
  • Behavioural vision assessments which include in-depth testing for developmental,   functional and perceptual visual problems.
  • Vision Therapy which is an individualised program of planned sequential activities designed to enhance the development of visual function and perceptual performance.
  • Irlen Assessment for those whose visual processing problems cannot be explained by general optometry or ophthalmology