Wilens Biothin Daily

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Wilens Biothin Daily Disposable Coloured contact Lenses

These are available in Gray and Black Brown.

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CLEARANCE SPECIAL: limited stock left. Please check the availability of the specific powers needed with us via email before placing your order.

BioThin Colours completely changes the eye colour by creating a vivid look while maintaining a natural appearance. This is the type of lens wear that requires no maintenance and no fuss and can be worn all day everyday. By combining our core technology “Cast Molding Process” – A unique technology it serves to provide a superior comfort and moisture capacity.

Key features and benefits:
1. Unique printing of colour pigments using the sandwich technique whereby the colours do not come in direct contact with the cornea making BioThin Colours very safe to wear. .
2. Aspheric design to allow superior vision.
3. Ultra thin and a smooth finish on lens surface and edge to offer superior comfort.
4. Oxygen permeability to ensure breathability for whiter and healthier eyes.
5. Long-lasting high moisture capacity to allow high wettability.
6. Unique edge design to facilitate good tear exchange between the contact lens and the cornea.
7. Maximum handling capabilities – ease of insertion and removal.
8. No curling, no sinking in and is resistant to foreign materials.

Material:Methafilcon A
Base Curve:8.6 ± 0.2 (mm)
Diameter:14.00 ± 0.2 (mm)
Water Content:58%
Package Size:10 pcs per pack
Lens Colour:Gray and Black Brown
power range:0.00 To – 8.00

Expiry Dates: 2018/8 and 2018/9

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