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Fabric and leather orthoptic eye patch designed for children with lazy (or amblyoptic) eye, crossed (or strabismic) eye, or double vision.

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We know from experience that eye patching is difficult for children – and nearly impossible if the patch is uncomfortable to wear. Getting your child to willing wear their eye patch is critical to improving their vision. Kids will love wearing these Patches because the patches are attached on the outside the spectacle frame and are comfortable, reusable and fun!


  • Minimal contact with the skin because these are attached outside of the glasses
  • Designed to block the eye’s vision for maximum effectiveness with patching therapy
  • Made of soft leather and stylish cotton cloth, so are durable and washable
  • Slips on easily over glasses and fastens securely
  • Great selection of styles to choose from
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

As the pattern can look upside down – please select carefully the eye to be patched for when ordering


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