Contact LensWith the ongoing technological advancements on the design and material of contact lenses, we have more and more options available to fit your eyes with contact lenses. As an independent practice, we have the ability and freedom to find the most up-to-date lens solutions available for you.

At Chic we are experienced in contact lens fitting and are able to advise on the best lens option for you.

A good contact lens fit begins with a thorough eye examination to ensure that your prescription is up-to-date and to rule out any pre-existing conditions that may interfere with successful contact lens wear.

Once we determine that you are a good candidate for contact lenses, we will start the preparation process for contact lens fit.

During the preparation period, we will measure the curvature of your eyes, the size, and relative dryness of your eyes. We will also find out more about your lifestyle, the reason for contact lens wear, how long you are going to wear them for and determine from there whether you require full time or part time lenses.

It is important to realize that each eye is unique and it takes time to find the right matching contact lenses for your eyes and if your eyes are a bit more complicated, it will mean more visits than usual to find the right matching lenses.

Once we have fitted you with the most suitable pair, we will go through the insertion and removal techniques, care and maintenance of the lenses and all the troubleshooting methods so you can tackle the problems yourself when necessary.

You will be able to take the lenses home and try them for a period that is recommended by our optometrist and come back for follow ups to ensure the lenses are working perfectly for your eyes. During the follow up visits we may need to adjust the lens material or fitting requirements and we will continue to review your eyes until we are both happy that the optimal result has been achieved. This whole careful process ensures that our clients’ success rate with contact lenses is very high.

Since our eyes change over time, it is essential to update your contact lens measurements and recommendations at your annual examination.

Extended (Overnight) wear Contact Lenses

With this type of lenses there is a slightly higher risk involved to the eyes. For this reason, more frequent checks and aftercares are required.

FREE contact lenses for you

Good vision is essential to everyday living. If your prescription has changed and you have extremely high prescription for short-sightedness or long-sightedness, or huge difference in your prescription between the two eyes or have any other condition that is causing hindrance to your life and the glasses can no longer help, you may be eligible for the Contact Lens Subsidy. Our optometrist will be able to advice if you qualify.

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