Children’s Exam

Child Exam Chic EyewearVision is more than just the ability to read the smallest letter on a letter chart placed at the end of the room, it is a combination of visual skills needed for efficient and accurate visual system. These skills include visual perceptual skills and visual abilities of eye teaming, focusing and eye movements.

Vision develops rapidly after birth. Any undetected vision problem can have a significant impact on infant and childhood development. The earlier a problem is detected and treated, the less likely it is that other areas of development will be affected. It is very important that children have a comprehensive eye exam by the age of 6months, again at ages 2 and 5, and then annually hereafter.

 If vision problems run in your family or you have noticed something that concerns you, we will be pleased to see your child from birth onwards.

 Our standard children’s exam will include visual clarity, refractive status, eye co‐ordination skills, ability to change focus easily and accurately, looking for signs of crossed eye or lazy eye, and any sign of depth perception.

 Our office is pleased to offer tailor made vision therapy program and Irlen assessment for those whose vision issues go beyond simple eyewear requirements.

FREE Eye exam for children

If you have a current Community Services Card or a High Health User card, and your child is up to the age of 15, you may be eligible for the Spectacle Subsidy.

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