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  • Latest Update from Chic

    As most of you have already noticed, our practice has suddenly closed for an unexpected family circumstances.   A lot of you have approached us and asked when exactly are we going to reopen. Our optometrist – one of the key members of this practice and of our family, has suddenly fallen ill and requires […]
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  • Why come to Chic?

    Not all optometrist is the same, and not all eye exam is the same either! Picture an eye exam and what do you see? A chart on the wall on the other side of the room and you in a chair, trying to read the tiny letters on the bottom line, first with one eye […]
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  • The Most Exciting Safety Feature in Your Car – our Zeiss DriveSafe Lenses have arrived

    Did you know that spectacle lenses can help make driving safer and more relaxed, even in the rain and at night? Driving can be a real challenge for everybody – no matter how long the distance. Good vision is vital for safety. Benefits of Zeiss DriveSafe Lenses: 1. Accurate vision of the road, dashboard, rear-view […]
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  • Wilens

    With increasing demands and requests from customers, we are excited to announce the arrival of Wilens coloured contact lenses into our exquisite collection. These lenses are nothing like the ordinary coloured contact lenses that you see on the market in that they are made with Hioxifilcon – a special type of Silicon Hydrogel. What this means to the wearers is: highest breathability […]
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  • The New Alter Ego Eyewear Collection Has Arrived

    The long awaiting new pieces from Alter Ego have finally arrived today! These are beautifully designed in Sweden, and carefully crafted to perfection. The latest pieces are giving you the chance of expressing the less explored side of your personality with the goal of making a statement. These trendy designs will give you the opportunity to express the […]
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What Our Customers Say

你好,CINDY 这次在你们店验光配镜对我本人是一次美好又特别的体验。我从初中开始佩戴眼镜,至今已有30多年的时间.在中国和新西兰有无数次验光配镜经历,从佩戴第一幅眼镜开始,我意识到视力的重要,因为无法改变近视的事实,只能对眼镜寄予厚望,总要仔细挑选以求心安。可笑的是,你才是第一个发现我是斜视的,虽然是非常轻微的,我都不敢相信,却也不得不信。可能正是因为轻微,所以别的医生都没发现,而我却一直觉得戴眼镜不舒服,无论是框架还是隐形。 另外,你还发现我的眼球有损伤的痕迹,那是因为10多年前,刚到新西兰几个月,没有防护意识,阳光太强所致,当时看了专家门诊,后来都特别注意,自己觉得已经好了,可还是被你的火眼金星发现了蛛丝马迹,只能说你太厉害了。 好了,其实我想说的是,经过两周的试戴,我非常满意新眼镜。我配的眼镜中,是最最舒服满意的。我愿意向所有的朋友推荐你们。 再次感谢 ANNA
I would like to acknowledge the excellent professional service that I received at Chic Eyewear & Optometrists. Cindy Tsai, the optometrist, performed a very thorough examination showing great ability and at the same time great accuracy in her assessment. Thank you!
I am writing to express my appreciation of the high quality professional services rendered by the team of Chic Eyewear & Optometrists. Your comprehensive professional care, attention to detail and genuine concern for clients' well being and satisfaction are most impressive. The personal touches that you and your team provided have made things so much easier for me. Thank you once again.

Now I Can Drive – it has been a miracle for me as no other optometrists could help me with my eyesight until I went to Chic Eyewear. After the examination, they prescribed glasses that have enabled me to see again so now I can drive once more. I am very pleased with the service I have had. The team at Chic are very friendly and helpful, I would highly recommend them to everybody.

I want to say thank you for the amazing personal service and care that you gave to us throughout the process of getting new glasses. You have been the most thorough optometrist I have been to, and your facilities are first rate. Andrew and I will pass on the good word to others about your business whenever we can, we were very impressed.